Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ice Cream What?

While testing out all the new features I discovered in my Snapchat search section (which I previously talked about in my post "Updates Worth Paying Attention to") I stumbled across the most fantastic place I didn't know existed. Before I reveal this magical place I want to talk about this potentially new update. 

Snapchat has been testing this update in different cities. When you click on the search bar in Snapchat you are now shown (with this update) top stories, stories "around me",highlights, (stories relating to) cochella, music, sports, fashion, bars, nightclubs, food, animals and attractions. The last feature is that you can search words or phrases to show you stories relating to what you searched. From what I can tell is that Snapchat shows you these stories (the ones you search for) from using the text users type on their stories. This makes sense but not all of the stories pertain to what I search; I searched for puppies and yes I was seeing tons of adorable puppies but I was also seeing selfies with the puppy filter and then I saw a very sad video of a puppy that was frozen in snow. I still think this is a great new update but with the search feature, I now know I'm not always getting exactly what I'm wanting to see. The top stories and other categories are awesome and that's exactly where I found the most magical place!

The Museum of Ice Cream

Have you ever heard of The Museum of Ice Cream? Have you ever been there? (if you have I am extremely jealous) Thanks to Snapchat's new (potential) update I was able to watch stories of people at The Museum of Ice Cream (a place I had no idea existed!) I don't know too much about what is inside the museum but I do know theres a pool full of sprinkles you can play in, a room full of bananas hanging from the ceiling and a swing (thats great for Insta pics), a gummy bear room, a room with black ice cream cones stuck on the walls, and lots of free samples. 

What do you think of the potential update on Snapchat? Would you go to The Museum of Ice Cream? What part of the museum seems most fun to you (from what I mentioned)? This place is definitely on my bucket list now. I linked their website on the very first picture so check out their site if you want some more information! I also highly recommend following their Instagram, it rocks.


  1. Oh my gosh! This looks amazing. I would go to the The Museum of Ice Cream in a heart beat. This reminds me of a real life Willy Wonka factory. I am honestly going to check out the the link you added and watch some of the videos because it seems so fascinating and delicious of course. Maybe we could take a class field trip, I wish! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place looks like so much fun. It's all very bright and everyone looks like they're having a good time in the photos. Like you, this is now going on my bucket list to travel to! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing place!

  3. Well, I know where I am going after graduation. The Museum looks like a blast. I really think that the pool of sprinkles would be fun, until they get stuck in your hair.